Six Red Cross workers were killed and two remain missing after militants attacked their convoy on Wednesday. The group were delivering desperately needed aid to remote villages recently hit by heavy snow storms. Daesh has a presence in the area and the Governor of Jowzjan has suggested they are responsible. The International Committee of the Red Cross has suspended operations in Afghanistan as a result of the attack.

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From Reuters

Red Cross suspends Afghanistan operations after six aid workers killed

Afghanistan The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) suspended operations in Afghanistan on Wednesday after gunmen killed six employees helping deliver emergency relief to a remote northern region hit by heavy snow storms.

The governor of Jowzjan province said the aid convoy was attacked by suspected Islamic State gunmen. The head of the ICRC called the incident the “worst attack against us” in 20 years, but the charity said it did not know who was responsible.

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From the AFP

Six Red Cross staff killed, two missing in Afghanistan

Two other Red Cross workers were missing following the ambush in the volatile province of Jowzjan, in one of the worst attacks on the international charity in the country for years.

Their convoy, comprising three drivers and five field officers, came under fire while they were carrying much-needed livestock materials to a remote area badly affected in recent days by heavy snowfall.

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