German hostage Jurgen Kantner appears in a video released earlier this week. A caption on the video read,”if [Abu Sayyaf Group’s] demand of 30 million pesos is not met by Feb 26, at 3 pm, they will behead the hostage and post it on social media.” The video was released on Tuesday 14th Feb, via Twitter and the Telegram messaging app.

Mr Kantner was abducted from his yacht off Sabah in November. His partner, Sabine Merz, was killed during the attack. It appears that ASG were initially demanding a ransom of 500 million pesos (at the time, this was roughly £8m, $10m USD), and this has since been reduced to 30m pesos (£482,000; $600,000 USD).

From the Inquirer

Abu hostage pleads for life

Jurgen Gustav Kantner, who also was kidnapped by Somali pirates years ago, tearfully spoke about the militants’ threat and the Feb. 26 ransom deadline in a video circulated on Tuesday by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi websites.

In the two-minute video, Kantner sits in front of four masked gunmen, including one aiming what appears to be a sickle at him, as he speaks in German in a clearing with thick foliage in the background. He sports a beard and was made to wear an orange shirt.

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From the Straits Times

Abu Sayyaf militants threaten to behead German man on Feb 26, demands $850,000

A caption in the video said this was a “final ultimatum” from the militants holding Mr Kantner, who was abducted last year.

“If their demand of 30 million pesos is not met by Feb 26, at 3 pm, they will behead the hostage and post it on social media,” it read.

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From the Manila Bulletin

German faces beheading if P30-M ransom is not delivered

In the video, Kantner, who was in orange shirt and sporting a long hair and beard, said: “My name is Jurgen Kantner. And the pirates, they are giving me a last chance that they get 30 million pesos. And I want to say that the execution shall take place on the 26th at 3 in the afternoon,” Kantner said.

“If the money is not in the hands of the pirates at this time, they will behead me. And I want to ask my government to support this and maybe talk to the Philippines again to make sure that they come out with the money because obviously they already have it, the pirates are saying,” he added.

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