Last Monday, two couples visiting Rio de Janeiro for Carnival followed Google Maps’ directions into a favela where their car was briefly surrounded and they were shot. Argentinian Natalia Lorena Cappetti was hospitalised after sustaining wounds to her stomach, legs and possibly back. The group were reportedly trying to reach the Christ the Redeemer statue when the incident occurred.

In December, an Italian tourist was killed when a navigation error led him and his companion in to a favela in a Rio de Janeiro. He was reportedly mistaken for a member of the police due to the camera mounted on his helmet. A few days earlier, the UK’s FCO had warned that even organised tours of the favelas pose a serious risk.

From Network Ten

Tourist shot in Rio after Google Maps led her through crime-ridden slum

Argentinian tourist Natalia Lorena Cappetti, 42, was with her husband and a Spanish couple when the horrific incident unfolded.

The couples’ drove into Rio’s crime-ridden slum when Google Maps made a navigation error.

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From ABC News

Gunmen wound Argentine tourist visiting Rio for Carnival

The shooting occurred Monday afternoon in the Morro dos Prazeres slum next to the bohemian Santa Teresa neighborhood.

Police said Natalia Lorena Cappetti was in stable condition in a hospital, where she was taken with wounds to her legs and stomach.

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