There have been reports this week of a New Zealand tourist being held against his will in Bali and forced to play a card game in which he lost more than NZ $2,000. A Balinese man struck up conversation with the unnamed tourist, looking for advice he could give his sister who he claimed was moving to Auckland. Worth reading the whole article below and being aware of scams like this.


New Zealand man scammed of more than $2000 in Bali card game

The man got in a car with the local man to talk to the sister, but once inside, “the doors got shut and he got locked in and then he was driven away,” according to his wife.

“They drove him into a property where they locked the gate,” she said. “They took him inside and they sat [him] down, they wouldn’t let him leave.”

Inside the house there was a man and woman playing cards. The tourist was told he had to play a round, and then “up the stakes” by betting money.

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