Last week a couple visiting Maui, Hawaii, from California were reportedly victims of an express kidnapping. A man and a woman armed with guns forced them into vehicles, made them buy $1,300 worth of cash cards and robbed them of goods worth over $9,000. A female suspect has been arrested.

They were held by

From US News

Maui Police Seek Suspects in Kidnapping of California Couple

Hawaii News Now reports  the couple, both 25, say they were enjoying the views of Nakalele Point on Wednesday when they were approached by a masked man and woman brandishing firearms.

Police say the suspects forced the couple to travel to different locations, including a Wailuku drug store where they were ordered to purchase cash cards totaling $1,300.

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From Maui Now

New Video: More Details Surface in Nākālele Kidnapping Investigation

Police say the unknown offenders then proceeded to unlawfully enter the couple’s rental vehicle and steal more items.  Police say the California visitors were separated with the male visitor going with the male offender within an older model silver Chevy SUV; and the visiting female forced to go with the female offender within the rental vehicle.

Police say the visitors were driven to various areas in Wailuku and possibly Kahului.  Police say the male offender did not enter any of the locations, but the female offender was observed on surveillance in Wailuku.

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From Hawaii News Now

Maui police arrest suspect in tourist kidnapping case

Afterward, police say, the visitors were separated. The man took the male visitor to his older model Chevy SUV, while the female victim was forced into her rental car.

They were driven to various areas, including the Longs Drug in Wailuku, where they were forced to purchase cash cards totaling $1,300.

The couple told police they didn’t want to try to escape because they feared for their safety and their lives were threatened. 

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