On Sunday a Chinese man was shot dead by police in Paris. Police were responding to a report of an incident with a neighbour, and say Shaoyo Liu attacked them with a knife. His family dispute this, saying no attack happened. His daughter has claimed the men were not wearing police uniforms at the time of the incident.

Following Mr Liu’s death, members of the Chinese community protested, and violence broke out. The protest continued over several nights, with reports of injuries, tear gas and arrests.

The shooting and protests have been covered by the media in China and may have been a contributing factor in the stabbing of a Frenchman in Shanghai on Wednesday. The French Embassy has since warned French nationals in China to be aware of heightened tensions.

From the BBC

Paris clashes after French police kill Chinese man

Violence in Paris over the police killing of a Chinese man has left three police officers injured with at least 35 people detained.

Demonstrators had gathered outside a police station on Monday to pay homage to the dead man.

His family denies he attacked an officer with scissors as they responded to reports of a domestic dispute.

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From Deutsche Welle

Beijing demands answers after Paris police shoot dead Chinese national

Sunday’s incident saw police shoot dead a Chinese national in his apartment in front of his family. The police officer had been called to the scene to investigate an alleged altercation with a neighbor. Paris authorities maintain that the man attacked the policeman with scissors.

However, lawyer Calvin Job said the family of the dead man “totally disputes this version of events,” saying that the man, a father of four, had been trimming fish with the scissors when police came to the door.

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From the Telegraph

China calls on France to protect its citizens after police shoot man in Paris home, sparking clashes

China has called on France to better protect the “security and rights” of its citizens after police shot dead a father of five at his home in Paris, sparking riots in which 35 people were arrested and three officers hurt.

The clashes on Sunday night were the latest in a string of angry demonstrations against police violence in France. They also come only months after thousands of Chinese residents in France took to the streets to demand police protection from muggers who they say prey on them because they are seen as easy targets.

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From the Washington Post

It’s hard to be Chinese in Paris. Sometimes, it can be deadly.

Calvin Job, a lawyer for Liu’s family, said that several clients of Asian ancestry have complained about police brutality recently. “I understand the anger in the community,” he said.

This week, that anger erupted. On Monday, about 150 protesters gathered outside a police station in northeast Paris. Some threw rocks and burned cars. Thirty-five people were arrested, and three officers were “lightly wounded,” officials said.

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Frenchman stabbed in Shanghai

From the Local.fr

Frenchman violently attacked in China as Chinese community continue Paris protests

A statement from the French embassy in China did not specify the severity of the injuries sustained by the man attacked in Shanghai on Wednesday, but said his attacker had been detained after a Chinese colleague intervened.
It said while the assault appeared to be an isolated incident, French nationals should “in the current context” take note of its advice on vigilance and security.

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From Deutsche Welle

Frenchman stabbed in Shanghai in attack possibly linked to Paris protests

Following the stabbing in Shanghai this week, the French Consulate reported that the attacker was apprehended by police soon after the incident and placed into custody. The victim was slightly injured on his neck, according to the police department of Shanghai’s Xuhui district

“Given the situation, the French Embassy in China calls on members of the French community to exercise the utmost vigilance,” the statement said,” the consulate said in a statement, adding that it was following the investigation closely.

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