Mid-morning on Monday, two men entered the home of a Texan attorney – they tied him up, ransacked his home and then took him to a bank to withdraw a ‘sum of money’. The attorney, Jim Bearden, was not harmed and was released after paying the two men. The incidents took place in Bridge City and Port Arthur, about an hour and a half’s drive east of Houston. No arrests have been made so far.

From 12 News

Attorney robbed, kidnapped from his Orange County home, forced to withdraw cash from bank

Two men entered the home of Jim Bearden, 43,  in the Dishon Plantation subdivision just outside of Bridge City through an unlocked door, tied him up, demanded money and ransacked the home his wife told 12News.

The two suspects then drove Bearden in his Chevrolet Suburban to a Mid-County bank and forced him to withdraw a “sum of money” according to to a release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

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From Orange County News


Jim Sharon Bearden, 43, was at his home on Dalton Drive in the Dishon Plantation addition located just outside the Bridge City limits when around 10 a.m. two suspects wearing ski masks entered his residence. Bearden was bound with cords. The suspects demanded money. The residence was ransacked and a few items were taken. 

Bearden was transported by his Chevrolet Suburban to a bank in Port Arthur where he withdrew an undisclosed sum of cash. A short time later he was released. 

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