On Monday, Spanish police explained how they rescued a Dutch businessman who had been kidnapped for ransom and held for eleven days. The unnamed man was abducted at gunpoint by men wearing police uniforms near his home – it has been suggested that the Eastern European gang were experienced and were surveilling his home. One of the gang used his mobile to call his wife and demand a ransom of  a ransom of €1.5 million ($1.7 million USD). The victim was kept sedated and moved multiple times over the eleven days. The Telegraph piece linked to below has more details of the drugs and the disguise the man was forced to wear while being moved. Five people have been arrested.

From the Local.es

Dutch man kidnapped and held for 11 days in Spain

In their statement, police said his kidnappers had been lying in wait near his home.

They hit him, blindfolded him and forced into a car boot at gunpoint, he told police after his release.

A kidnapper then used the man’s mobile to call his wife and demand a ransom of 1€.5 million ($1.7 million) in exchange for his freedom, police said

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From the Telegraph

Businessman kidnapped from Spanish resort freed after 11-day hostage ordeal

Investigators said the kidnappers were an experienced criminal gang from Eastern Europe and possessed technical knowledge which hindered their identification. 

When arresting the fifth perpetrator, officers also uncovered security and monitoring devices, three vehicles, ski masks, several mobile phones used in the kidnap as well as quantities of drugs.

Criminal groups have targeted foreigners in Lloret de Mar and other resorts in the past. Romanian gangs account for a large proportion of the organized crime groups in Spain, but largely focus on drug-trafficking, prostitution and robbery.

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