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Since 2012 there have been a number of explosions in Antananarivo linked to civil unrest, including in June 2016 when a grenade attack killed two people and injured 86. Other small explosive devices and grenades have been found in the city. Don’t touch any suspect packages.

The centre of Antananarivo remains potentially volatile, with previous flashpoints including the Ankatso areas, the Avenue de L’ Independence, Ambohijatovo, Analakely, Behoririka, Isoraka, Ampasamandinika, 67ha, Isotry, Analakely as well as military barracks.

Although foreigners haven’t been targeted, you should take care when travelling around the city and avoid any crowds and political gatherings. You should be especially vigilant on 7 and 8 July 2017 as there’s likely to be a public demonstration in Analakely (central Antananarivo), Ankorondrano and Mahamasina.

Foreigners are the preferred targets for pickpockets and muggers. You should be vigilant when travelling around the city.

In many parts of Madagascar, aspects of daily life are regulated by taboos, known as ‘fady’. These vary from one region to another. Fady can range from forbidden foods to restrictions on clothing. Some areas subject to fady may be forbidden to foreigners. If you intend to visit remote areas, seek advice either locally or from your tour operator and respect local fady to avoid causing offence.

If you plan a longer stay in a village, ask to pay your respects to the head of Fokontany (administrative subdivision), the head of the village or ‘Ray aman-dreny’ (wise man).

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