On Friday, gunmen attacked a group of journalists, park rangers and security guards in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, in Mambasa, DRC.

Following the attack, an American journalist and around ten rangers were reported missing. Two journalists caught up in the initial incident – reported as Dutch and/or British – were able to make their way to a reserve base. On Saturday, six Congolese park rangers were found and the remaining three rangers and the American journalist were found on Sunday.

Five rangers were killed, possibly in a rescue mission or earlier clashes – details remain unclear. It is not easy to decipher at this time whether the missing members of the group had been abducted or whether they were scattered by the attack.

From Reuters

Five Congo rangers killed in joint army operation to rescue U.S. journalist

Five park rangers were killed in a joint operation with the army to rescue an American journalist and three park rangers, who went missing in a wildlife reserve in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a local official said on Sunday.

Gunmen attacked the group late on Friday in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in Mambasa territory. Some others in the group, including two Dutch journalists, escaped.

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From CBS News

U.S. woman hides in trees to survive deadly militia attack

“The American journalist is safe and healthy. She hid in the forest during an attack,” Mambasa territory administrator Alfred Bongwalanga told The Associated Press. “On the other hand, five park guards have been killed.”

Bongwalanga said the army found the American overnight Saturday, and called in her rescue. He did not have her name, saying other details would follow. The identity of the assailants is not known, he said.

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From the BBC

DR Congo rangers killed in raid to find US journalist

It was initially reported that the group of four had been kidnapped on Friday but the BBC has learnt this was not the case.

They went missing after members of the Mai Mai militia attacked a group of park rangers accompanying three foreign journalists, Radio Okapi reported.

During the exchange of fire, some of the group, including two Dutch journalists, were able to escape.

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