When you’ve just landed after a long flight and you just want to get to your destination and lie down in a comfy (or otherwise!) bed, the last thing you want to worry about is how safe your transportation is. We often take it for granted that once we’ve paid for something, we will get from A to B without too many hiccups.

But certain forms of transport are much less safe than others. Road traffic accidents are a major risk facing travellers. Tourist buses are often involved in crashes. Not all boats have the correct safety equipment in place and if the equipment is there, there’s a chance it has not been serviced – coverage of recent boat accidents can be found here.

If you know you have a journey ahead, do your research.

  • How will you get from A to B?
  • What time of day/night will you be travelling?
  • Does your travel insurance cover any issues that might arise?
  • Where will your luggage go? Will you have sight of it?
  • What is the reputation of the company?
  • Will you buy your ticket in advance or do you pay in person?
  • The next step up in transport – how much does that cost and does it improve your safety and security?
  • Who will you be putting your life in the hands of? Do you trust them to be good at their job?
  • What will you do if something goes wrong? Where are the exits? If on travelling by boat, do you know how to swim and how to tread water?
  • Are there any crime issues related with this form of transport? Pickpockets, bandits, and sexual assault are all issues facing travellers on different forms of transport – is this a risk you face? If so, make a plan to reduce your exposure to the risk.

Always, always buy travel insurance. If you are heading off the beaten path and/or travelling independently, consider buying a support package.

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