Last weekend news broke that a British model had been rescued following her abduction by a gang in Europe. When Chloe Ayling turned up for shoot in Milan, she was reportedly drugged and stuffed in a bag, and transported to a village near Turin. Her captors, a group going by the name of ‘Black Death’, held her for six days while organising an auction. It is believed she was to be sold to buyers in the Middle East. Ayling was released when her captors realised she was a mother.

Ayling’s account has been met by skepticism from some quarters. There certain aspects, a few of them highlighted below, that could cast doubt on parts of the story. However, we would refer you to the abduction of Denise Huskins from Vallejo, California, in March 2015. Huskins was abducted from her home under strange circumstances and police treated it as a hoax. The FBI later found evidence linking her abduction to another one in the area, and authorities went on to arrest Matthew Muller, who pleaded guilty. Huskins and her partner Aaron Quinn sued the police department for ‘smearing their reputations and other damages stemming from police actions during and after the kidnapping.

On a personal safety note, the Times reports Ayling shared a lot of information on social media and that this may have played a factor in her abduction. Please be aware of what you are sharing on social media and be aware of the consequences of sharing.


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