A court in Stuttgart sentenced a Syrian refugee living in Germany to three and a half years in prison for his role in the abduction of a Canadian UN employee.

While prosecutors have not identified the UN Peacekeeper, CBC says that ‘the facts released correspond with those of the kidnapping of Canadian lawyer Carl Campeau, who was abducted from a Damascus suburb.’ Campeau was working as a legal adviser for the UN Disengagement Observer Force, when he was abducted from the Khan Al-Sheikh suburb of Damascus in February 2013.

CBC got in touch with Campeau and he explained that Suliman Al-S played a relatively minor role – acting as a guard for a brief time, bringing him food and letting him use the toilet – which is why Campeau asked for leniency in the sentencing. (Worth clicking through to read the CBC piece.)

Campeau gave this interview to the Globe and Mail following his release, explaining how he survived his eight months as a hostage.

It was suspected that Suliman Al-S is a member of the Nusra Front, a regional affiliate of al Qaeda, but the court concluded there was insufficient evidence to prove this. Reuters reports that the “accused was found guilty under the Code on International Criminal Law of being an accessory to a war crime against a peacekeeping mission that involved kidnapping for ransom, three counts of attempted robbery by blackmail and grievous unlawful detention.

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