On Thursday evening, a group of around 40 Chinese tourists were attack with tear gas and robbed outside the Kyriad Hotel, in the Val-de-Marne area of Paris.

Four men ran up to the group and sprayed them with the gas, before stealing nine shopping bags – some containing luxury goods – and fleeing.

A couple of the group reported feeling sick, but there were no lasting injuries. The tour group returned to China the next day. And investigation is underway.

Tourists warned 

Chinese Embassy in Paris has urged Chinese visitors to take extra precautions following this latest incident. This is the most recent in a series of very similar events.

In July, thieves targeted a group of tourists waiting for a shuttle bus outside at Charles de Gaulle international airport. The group was sprayed with tear gas and their luggage was then stolen. The group included three Moroccans, four Americans, and 12 French people.

Last August, a group of Chinese tourists loading their luggage on to a tour bus near Charles de Gaulle airport, when thieves attacked them with tear gas and stole the luggage. In November last year, two Qatari sisters were tear gassed and robbed of goods worth $5m after leaving Le Bourget airport, near Paris.


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