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Summary – the political and security situation remains uncertain following the national electoral commission announcement that elections will take place in December 2018, with some calling for general strikes (‘ville morte’), civil disobedience and public protests towards the end of 2017 and beyond; you should remain vigilant and avoid travelling around Kinshasa and other large cities on days of planned protests.

In September and December 2016, violence relating to political protests led to dozens of fatalities in Kinshasa and other major cities, the closure of international borders and schools, restrictions on the internet and an increased police and military presence in many cities.

A heavy United Nations peace keeping presence is deployed in eastern DRC. The Congolese army is carrying out operations against foreign and domestic armed groups operating in North and South Kivu provinces. Large numbers of civilians remain displaced as a result of the conflict. Acts of violence, including killing, rape and looting continue against the civilian population.

Insecurity in eastern DRC has allowed other armed groups in the area to operate more freely. There has been an increase in armed group activity in Orientale, Katanga and both North and South Kivu.

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