Earlier this week, Reporters Without Borders released their annual snapshot of journalists that have been killed, detained, held hostage or are currently missing. The figures are carefully verified and may be lower than some estimates elsewhere –

With regard to deaths, we distinguish as much as possible between journalists who were deliberately targeted and those who were killed while reporting in the field. We do not include journalists in the round-up when we have been unable to affirm with a great deal of confidence that they were killed in connection with their work, or when the case is still being investigated. (Source)

The piece is well worth reading, even if you do not work with journalists. It profiles the types of attacks and issues journalists face, broken down by country. The safety of journalists and the state of the press is often a good indication of the safety of a country or region – they are the canaries in the mine.

We often include articles on freedom of the press, as well as attacks and incidents involving journalists in our Quick Reads, and are filled with admiration for those who are unrelenting in their pursuit of the truth.

2017 in numbers

  • Killed: 65
  • Detained: 326
  • Abducted and kidnapped: 54
  • Missing: 2

Read the full article here.

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