Hawaii has been in the headlines recently due to the massive false alert last month, and the investigations that have followed. There have been several other incidents on the islands that we think travellers should be aware of, including a travel nurse missing after being caught in a flash-flood and multiple drownings.

Travel nurse missing following flash-flooding on hike

Last Friday, a man and a woman were caught in a flash-flood while hiking the Wailuku River, above Piihonua Falls on Hawai’i. While the man was able to make it to the riverbank, his companion, travel nurse Kelly Mrowinski, has not been seen since. Mrowinski is originally from the Chicago area . A search has been underway for several days.

Record number of recent drownings

Nine people have drowned off Maui’s beaches since the January 14th. Two were locals and at least five others were visitors – one from Canada, another from Texas, one from Minnesota, and two from California. There has been at least one other case of a near-drowning.

The Honolulu Civil Beat reports that ‘officials have confirmed that two unrelated men from the Bay Area in California died after snorkeling off of Kamaole Beach Park III. Both were wearing full-face snorkeling masks, an alternative to the two-piece snorkel tube and mask.‘ The article documents concerns about the safety of full-face snorkelling masks, linking them to a number of deaths in Hawaii in the last few years.

Life changing spine injury from bodysurfing

Over the Christmas break, Utah native Aric Muhlestein was badly injured when body surfing at Waimea Bay. His spine was dislocated after a wave slammed him into the sand and he is paralysed from the chest down. His is currently undergoing treatment and hopes to be able to walk again.


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