Coventry Live has a detailed account of two British tourists who claim to have been assaulted and held in an express kidnapping while on a trip to Palhota Algarvia in Albufeira, Portugal. It is unclear to what extent this sort of situation could be repeated with other tourists, but it is worth being aware that these things can and do occur.

Having booked an apartment for a few days ahead of meeting friends for a stag party, the pair returned late one night and ‘accidentally broke the door to the neighbouring apartment.‘ They made a payment of 300 Euros that the paper reports the police were pleased with, which suggests that the police had been called to the initial incident.

The following day, on their return to their accommodation, the pair were reportedly grabbed and forced in to the toilet of their apartment by their neighbours, where they were assaulted. The older of the two was then taken to an ATM and forced to withdraw £1,200, while the younger man was held at knife point.

The older Brit was able to escape from his captors, at which point those holding his friend left him. Both fled and were later reunited with their group and each other.

They claim that their attempt to report the crime to the local police failed as they were not taken seriously. Back in the UK, British police said it was a matter for local law enforcement.



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