Kilauea Volcano remains active, with the potential for further eruptions, and sulfur dioxide emissions have tripled. Two lava flows have reached the ocean, causing a new risk. Mayor Harry Kim warned in a tweet that people in the area should ‘be aware of laze hazard & avoid ocean plume. Laze forms when lava hits ocean releasing hydrochloric acid and steam with fine glass particles.

Thousands of people remain evacuated from their homes. On Friday, around 40 homes were isolated by the lava flow and National Guard helicopters were used to rescue four people after the roads were cut off.

People in the vicinity of the volcano have been given dust masks to help deal with ash fallout. The lava flows have also started brush fires, forcing an evacuation of Kamaili Road on Sunday.

If you are on Hawai’i, you should – 

  • Monitor local media.
  • Earthquakes are continuing in the area – make sure you know what to do in an earthquake. Advice can be found at
  • Comply with all instructions from authorities. If you are told to leave, follow the recommended evacuation routes. Do not take shortcuts – they may be blocked.
  • If you are near the affected area, start gathering together items you will need if you have to leave with short notice. has more information, including what you should include in your emergency supply kit.
  • Contact your travel agent and/or airline for further updates and support on your travel plans.
  • Follow the twitter accounts listed below and turn on push notifications for those accounts, so that you get an alert on your phone when they share new information.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family.
Twitter accounts to follow
  • @USGSVolcanoes – information and updates from the U.S. Geological Survey Volcanoes team.
  • @MayorHarryKim – the current Mayor of Hawai’i County, sharing updates from local authorities
  • @Hawaii_EMA – Hawaii Emergency Management Agency
  • @CivilDefenseHI – Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency

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