If you are heading to Georgia, we strongly recommend reading the travel advice from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as some of the other official advice before you leave.

The FCO always recommends you buy appropriate travel insurance before you travel and for Georgia this is essential, as you may be asked for proof of insurance by your airline or by border control officials. Additionally, if you should check to see if any medication you travel with is banned and make sure you have your prescription for any prescription drugs.

From the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Travel insurance proof

We recommend you have a valid travel insurance policy as you may be asked to provide evidence of this by your airline at check-in or by the immigration authorities upon arrival in Georgia. You may face difficulties if you cannot provide evidence of valid travel insurance.

Travelling with medicines

Georgia has a very strict anti-drugs policy, which can also cover prescription and non-prescription drugs or medicines, otherwise available in Europe. This can cause serious problems for travellers and in some cases lead to administrative and criminal proceedings.

You should carry a doctor’s prescription if you intend to travel with prescription medicine and declare the items on arrival, by filling in a customs declaration form. You can also check Georgia’s medication importation regulations on the Ministry of Health website.

from Travel Advice Summary, which can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/georgia

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