UPDATE: We have a new post that has details of which sites are closed: Travel Advice: Is Paris safe? Updates and information on protests and which sites are closed on Saturday 

More than 133 people were injured and over 400 arrested in violent clashes in Paris at the weekend. Further demonstrations are planned for Saturday 8th December. The police have reportedly told shops and restaurants on the Champs-Élysées to close on Saturday. Some museums will also be shut.

We have pulled together information, advice and useful Twitter accounts for you to follow, to help you stay safe.

These protests started in late November and have seen petrol pumps run dry in several places, violence in the heart of Paris, and a police stand off with a man who threatened to detonate a grenade. You can read our full coverage of the recent protests here.

What you should look out for

Traffic disruption – make sure you have sufficient time for any necessary journeys. Be aware public transport could be busier than normal, and could be targeted by protesters.

Ambulance strike – the US Embassy mentioned in a tweet on Monday that there was an ongoing ambulance strike. Be aware that the emergency services will likely experience disruption, both responding to the strikes and protests, and potentially taking part in them.

Vandalism – previous protests saw damage to shops, cars, monuments and other infrastructure. Avoid crowds where possible so you do not get caught up in this. Cars were set on fire – be aware the fire could spread, and that the smoke can be very harmful, especially to children and the elderly. There were reports of large stones being thrown as well.

Tear gas – the police responded to protests with tear gas. This can drift and cause health problems. This article sets out what to do if you are hit by tear gas.

Travel advice

If you are in the area, please consider the following –

  • Avoid demonstrations and large crowds. Be aware clashes could occur without warning, so keep an eye on the movement of people. 
  • Review your travel risk management plan, so you know what to do in an emergency.
  • Make sure you have the contact information of your travel insurance company and your local embassy stored on your phone and in a secure offline location.
  • Monitor local media. If you are using Twitter to search, add the term ‘filter:verified’ to the search bar to see results from verified accounts only. We have suggested some accounts to follow below.
  • If possible, set aside some supplies of food and bottled water.
  • Keep your devices charged.
  • Check in with friends and family.
  • If something does happen, contact the local embassy as soon as it is safe to do so.
Local media

The US Embassy highlighted the following as useful English language news sources

Twitter accounts to follow

Official travel advice

Headlines and coverage

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