Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, wife of Norwegian millionaire Tom Hagen, has been missing since the 31st of October. She was reportedly abducted from the bathroom of the couple’s house in Lørenskog, about 12 miles east of Oslo. Her husband returned home on Hallowe’en to find an empty house and a threatening ransom note.

In a press conference today, the police appealed to the public for information to help with the case.

Ransom note

The ransom note that was found at the scene contained threats that the police have said were ‘of a very serious character.’ Norwegian media outlets have said it demanded €9 million be paid in the cryptocurrency Monero.

The Telegraph reported that the note was ‘written in bad Norwegian‘, and threatened to kill Falkevik Hagen unless the ransom was paid. Other outlets have said Hagen was warned not to involve the police. Norwegian Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara was reportedly told of Falkevik Hagen’s ‘disappearance right after it happened.’

Hagen is a property investor and the majority owner of the electricity company Elkraft, and he has been listed in the press as the 172nd richest man in Norway.

Police press conference

Police Inspector Tommy Brøske told a press conference on Wednesday morning that “the reason for us to go public with this case now is that despite a broad and extensive investigation, we need more information.”

He said the police have been investigating for ten weeks and their “main theory is that the victim was kidnapped by unidentified perpetrators at her home.”

Brøske also said there has been limited online digital contact with someone who claims to be representing the kidnappers, but that they have not received proof of life at this stage.

Interpol and Europol are assisting with the case.

Media blackout

The Daily Mail says that ‘many Norwegian media outlets knew of Mrs Falkevik Hagen’s disappearance but did not publish any details after the police warned against publicising the kidnap over fears the attackers would harm the victim.’


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