All ferry services in Greece have been cancelled for Wednesday 3rd July due to a strike by the Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation. The ferries will remained docked from 01:00 – 24:00. Passengers who have booked tickets in advance are entitled to a full refund.

Travel advice

  • Try to travel in advance of the strike, or extend/find accommodation and travel on Thursday.
  • Be prepared for delays and disruption once ferry service resumes. 
  • Contact your travel insurance company to see what compensation/financial assistance you are entitled to. 
Entitle to refund

GTP says that ‘Passengers whose trip is cancelled due to the strike are entitled to a full refund of their ticket. For additional information or queries, contact port authorities at the point of travel:

  • Piraeus: 14944 – 14541 – 210-4172675;
  • Rafina: 22940-28888;
  • Lavrio: 22920-26589, 22920-25249,
  • EKPIZO on 210-3304444

Official travel advice

From the US Embassy in Greece

Locations:  Athens and locations throughout Greece with ferry service

Events:  All ferries in Greece scheduled for Wednesday July 3 have been cancelled due to a strike by the Seamen Union.  According to information available to the U.S. Embassy in Athens, this strike will run twenty-four hours.

Actions to Take: 

  • Review your travel plans.
  • Exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings or protests.
  • Monitor local media for updates.
  • Keep a low profile.

Please click through here for the rest of the advisory, including contact information.

Further news and information

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