Mexico’s cartel violence is well documented, as is the broad potential for corruption within the authorities. Pregnant lawyer and activist Brenda Rangel Ortiz alleges her state security – offered to her after her work earned her multiple credible death threats – was withdrawn following her awareness raising trip to Canada. Please click through on the article below to read more details. This is quite a chilling case.

From the Star

Mexican lawyer says her state bodyguards were taken away in response to Canada visit

Brenda Rangel Ortiz visited Ottawa a week before the official visit of President Enrique Pena Nieto for the North America leaders’ summit to share the story of her brother’s disappearance, and of the pain and suffering of the families of Mexico’s 27,000 disappeared.

On July 6, less than two weeks after she returned to her home in Queretaro, two officials with the protection unit of the Attorney General’s Agency of Criminal Investigation came in person to say her bodyguards — in place since 2013 — were being withdrawn.

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