Researchers at LSE recently released a paper exploring ‘European pilots’ perceptions of safety culture in European Aviation‘. Among the results, the research found that ‘over half of the sample of pilots (50.05%) felt that fatigue was not taken seriously within their organisation (while 28.83% neither agreed nor disagreed) and less than 20% agreed that their company cares about their well-being.’ Pilots for low-cost airlines and cargo carriers had ‘more negative perceptions of safety culture‘ than colleagues for other carrier types.

From the Economist

Pilots are too often flying when tired

…Researchers at the LSE interviewed over 7,000 European captains and first officers, which is around 14% of the total number of pilots employed in the region. As one might expect, the vast majority said that they felt that safety was taken seriously, and that they were encouraged to voice safety concerns to managers. However there was one area which seemed to be a particular cause for worry. Close to 60% of pilots said that their colleagues were often tired at work. And half said that their employers did not take the issue of pilot fatigue seriously. That backs up other studies, some of which have shown that up to half of pilots say they have fallen asleep while in the air.

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