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Latest update: Safety & security section (Demonstrations) – information about planned demonstrations from 18 to 20 May, 2017

The following demonstrations are planned:

On Thursday 18 May:

  • calls for an unauthorised protest in Al Markh, starting at 7pm.
  • calls for an unauthorised protest in Sitra, starting at 8pm.

On Friday 19 May:

  • calls for unauthorised protests in Al Musalla, Jidhafs, Bilad Al Qadeem, Abu Saiba, Sehla, Nabih Saleh and Al Markh. The times for these have not been announced, though will most likely take place after Friday prayers.
  • calls for an unauthorised protest in Barbar, starting at 7pm.

on Saturday 20 May:

  • calls for an unauthorised protest in Bani Jamra, starting at 7pm.
  • calls for an unauthorised protest in Karranah, starting at 7:30pm.

Demonstrations and protests take place regularly. These activities may include attempts to disrupt traffic, protests in villages and near economic centres, burning tyres, throwing Molotov cocktails, and the use of improvised explosive devices. As a result there could be clashes between government security forces and protesters.

While there have been no direct threats or attacks on British nationals to date, you should remain vigilant and be aware of your surroundings wherever you are on the island. Violent protests pose a risk to those who might inadvertently find themselves near to an active demonstration.

If you encounter a large public gathering or demonstration, leave the area immediately. If you see any suspect item, don’t approach or touch it. Move away from the vicinity and notify the police calling on 999 or the Police Hotline 8000 8008.

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