From the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The FCO advises against all but essential travel to the remaining areas of Venezuela, due to ongoing unrest and instability. As of the 1 August, all dependents of British Embassy staff have been withdrawn. You should consider leaving the country by normal commercial means. There’s a risk of significant disruption to transport links in and out of the country. If the political situation worsens, the British embassy may be limited in the assistance that it can provide.

There have been regular large political demonstrations and protests in Caracas and other cities since late March 2017, which have led to arrests, injuries, and deaths. Following controversial elections for a National Constituent Assembly on 30 July, large and potentially violent protests are likely to continue, possibly making movement in the streets very difficult for extended periods of time. You should take precautions in terms of securing several days’ worth of food and water provisions.

You should remain vigilant and informed. Avoid protests and demonstrations, which can turn violent with little warning. During and ahead of demonstrations, there’s often travel disruption as a result of road closures. The authorities often use tear gas and buckshot containing plastic pellets to disperse protests.

The Venezuelan government has ordered the temporary closure of the border with Colombia (open to foot traffic only). Contact your tour operator before you travel for more information.

There’s a high threat from violent crime and kidnapping throughout Venezuela. Take care at all times, including when arriving in the country. During 2017 there have been major, unpredictable outbursts of violence in several cities, including Caracas, Barquisimeto, Valencia and Maracay. Law enforcement presence in these cities is considerably reduced and incidents of violent crime are on the rise. See Crime

Power cuts are common and you may find yourself without water or electricity from short to extended periods of time. See Electricity and Water

UK health authorities have classified Venezuela as having a risk of Zika virus transmission. For information and advice about the risks associated with Zika virus, visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre website.

Terrorist attacks in Venezuela can’t be ruled out. See Terrorism

If you’re abroad and you need emergency help from the UK government, contact the nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission.

The Overseas Business Risk service offers information and advice for British companies operating overseas on how to manage political, economic, and business security-related risks.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

from Travel Advice Summary, which can be found at:

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