A state of emergency was declared in Virginia over the weekend after clashes between neo-Nazis and counter-protesters, during which a young man drove his car at a crowd of people, killing one and injuring 19. America is struggling with race relations, following an apparent surge in racist and Islamophobic sentiment following the election of President Trump. The President has been criticised for a lacklustre response to the violence. Combined with the recent NAACP travel warning for Missouri and an Australian politician who was barred from the country while on an official visit with colleagues, race relations in America remains a topic to watch.

As things heat up between India and China, and both countries send envoys to Nepal, the Economist offers this primer on the Doklam crisis.

The Economist also offers this chilling explanation of how nuclear war could start between the US and North Korea – spoiler alert, it has a fair bit to do with the two nation’s leaders and their approach to ‘diplomacy’.

Researchers at the University of Arizona Zuckerman College of Public Health have created an app called Kidenga that helps map Zika outbreaks. Given that the virus can be difficult to detect and can live in a host’s body for several months, this is a very useful tool for anyone who is pregnant or is contemplating a pregnancy.

If you’re in the US and planning to head to a national park to watch the eclipse next Monday, it’s worth reading this piece from Forbes about the wildfire threat.

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