Travel advice from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Visa and other entry and exit conditions (such as currency, customs and quarantine regulations) can change at short notice. Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate-General of the United Arab Emirates for up-to-date information.

Australians are eligible for a free 30-day visitor visa-on-arrival. You can extend this at a UAE immigration office for a further 30 days for United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED) 600.

If you’re visiting the UAE for business you must apply for a different visa. If you’re travelling to the UAE on a diplomatic and official passport, you must have a visa before travelling.

Other formalities

If you have unresolved criminal charges, including unpaid debts in the UAE, you may be detained and transferred to police custody on arrival in the UAE, even if you only plan to transit through the airport. See Laws.

Immigration authorities can refuse you entry if you have a criminal record, regardless of how long ago the offence took place. If you’re concerned about being denied entry, contact the Embassy or Consulate-General of the United Arab Emirates before you depart Australia.

The importation of pork products, poppy seeds and pornographic material is illegal. Videos, books and magazines may be scrutinised and censored, or confiscated. Possession of marijuana flavoured merchandise (teas, liquor, chewing gum, lollies) can result in arrest. It’s illegal to carry weapons or replica weapons, including decorative spent bullet cartridges, into the UAE. There are also restrictions on bringing certain medications into the UAE. Travellers have also been detained and deported for carrying medication to treat HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, or for testing positive to either illness. Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate-General of the United Arab Emirates if you have concerns. See also Health.


If you are travelling on an Australian passport showing ‘X’ (indeterminate/intersex/unspecified) in the sex field you will not be permitted to enter UAE. You can only enter the UAE if you carry a passport bearing the sex specified as ‘F’ (female) or ‘M’ (male).

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you intend to return to Australia. Carry copies of a recent passport photo with you in case you need a replacement passport while overseas.

If your passport is seized for any reason by UAE law enforcement, ensure they provide you with a receipt for its collection. This receipt will also assist you to check into accommodation without having to present your passport.

Australian emergency passports are only accepted in the UAE for transits of up to 96 hours. You must carry an onward ticket if transiting on an emergency passport.

If you lose your passport before passing through UAE immigration, you must return to Australia on the next available flight to apply for a full validity passport. The Australian Embassy can’t issue you a new passport if you haven’t cleared UAE immigration.

It’s a legal requirement in the UAE for foreign guests to provide their passports for scanning when they check in to a hotel.

Your passport is a valuable document and attractive to criminals who may try to use your identity to commit crimes. Always keep it in a safe place.

If your passport is lost or stolen, you must notify the Australian Government as soon as possible. You can either:

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