This weekend marks the start of several politically volatile days in Israel and Palestine. If you are in the region, please review your travel risk management plan and make sure you have communication plans in place should violence occur. Avoid protests and demonstrations, and monitor the media.

The key dates are –

  • Evening of Saturday 12th May until the evening of Sunday 13th May – Jerusalem Day
  • Monday 14th May – US Embassy opens new embassy in Jerusalem
  • Tuesday 15th May – Palestinians mark the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day

We have pulled together some travel advice further below.



Travel advice

From the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day from the evening of Saturday 12 May, until the evening of Sunday 13 May. A large number of people are expected to parade through the Old City of Jerusalem.

The US Embassy in Jerusalem will be opened in the Arnona area of West Jerusalem on Monday 14 May. This day also marks Israeli Independence Day in the Gregorian calendar. There will be enhanced security measures in place across Jerusalem, including the Old City. Roads may be periodically closed, including those linking Jerusalem with Ben Gurion Airport.

The 70th anniversary of Palestinian displacement from Mandatory Palestine takes place on Tuesday 15 May. Protests and demonstrations may occur throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories and within Israel.

You should avoid demonstrations and listen to the instructions of the local security authorities.

Please click here to read the rest of the advisory.



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