Protests in Jordan started last week, as people expressed frustration with proposed tax hikes and austerity measures. The changes were prompted by the International Monetary Fund, with Newsweek reporting that the IMF suggested ‘raise its sales tax and abolish bread subsidies, among other measures to increase tax revenue and slash the budget deficit.’

On Monday, King Abdullah replaced the Prime Minister, in an effort to appease the protesters. It has not worked,  and the protests and strikes continue. A police officer was stabbed in protests.

If you are in Jordan, you should – 

  • Review your travel risk management plan – know who you should contact and what you should do if the security situation deteriorates further. 
  • Monitor local media.
  • Avoid gatherings and protests.
  • Avoid the centres of towns and cities after midday prayers on Fridays, and minimise time spent on university campuses. 

From the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Due to regional tensions and proposed changes to local tax laws, there is an increased risk of demonstrations in both Amman and other towns and cities. You should avoid political gatherings and demonstrations which can arise at short notice, often in downtown Amman and the centres of other towns and cities after Friday midday prayers. Follow the advice of local authorities and stay informed of the security situation through the media and this travel advice.

From time to time, incidents have also occurred on several university campuses. You should remain vigilant at all times. 

Security – Political situation

War in the surrounding region, continued pressures of large refugee populations and economic reform programmes have helped create an atmosphere in which protests often occur. These have taken place in many parts of Jordan on Fridays and sometimes on other days of the week. Demonstrations may occur in town centres, refugee camps and other locations. Violent clashes have also been known to occur on university campuses.

Follow news reports and be aware of local sensitivities on these issues. Avoid all political gatherings and demonstrations. Take care, especially at night, when travelling to or via towns outside of Amman. Stay away from downtown Amman and the centres of other major towns and cities after Friday midday prayers and be aware of the possibility of spontaneous demonstrations and road blockages occurring elsewhere, particularly after sunset.

from Travel Advice Summary, which can be found at:

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