The security situation in Libya has remained volatile for many months, as two sides battle for control of the country. In the absence of steady political leadership corruption and crime has flourished, with kidnap for ransom becoming a frequent occurrence.

Government travel advice

Links to travel advice on travel to Libya from the following governments –

  • USA – Do not travel
  • UK – ‘The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) continues to advise against all travel to Libya, and for British nationals still in Libya to leave immediately by commercial means. Local security situations are fragile and can quickly deteriorate into intense fighting and clashes without warning.’
  • Australia – Do not travel
  • New Zealand – ‘There is extreme risk to your security in Libya and we advise against all travel. The ongoing conflict and the threat from terrorism and kidnapping present a significant risk to New Zealanders in Libya. New Zealanders currently in Libya are strongly advised to depart immediately.’
  • Canada – Avoid all travel
  • Ireland – ‘We advise Irish citizens against all travel to Libya. Irish citizens in Libya are advised to leave immediately by commercial means’

If you are considering travel to Libya, please make sure you have comprehensive insurance and support in place, and that you have undertaken thorough and appropriate training. 

Saturday abductions from Sharara oil field

Early on Saturday morning, four workers at the Sharara oil field were abducted by unknown gunmen. Two of the engineers have since been released. A security officer told Anadolu Agency that the abducted men were three Libyan and a Romanian, and IANS reports that the incident occurred ‘when the engineers were leaving the accommodation compound of the field towards a sub-site.’ Oil outputs have been drastically cut ‘after authorities evacuated staff and shut wells for safety.’

Andaolou Agency also reports that two Libyan engineers were abducted and released from the same oil field on Friday.

Filipinos, Korean abducted from project near Tripoli

Earlier this month, three Filipinos and a South Korean were abducted alongside three Libyans while working at the Al-Hassouna water plant near Ishwirif, south of Tripoli. The Libyans were released soon after.

Days later militants attacked another project, this time in Tazirbu in southeastern Libya, abducting two workers and killing two more.


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