On Sunday, an earthquake hit the island of Lombok, killing at least 91 people and injuring many more. The quake was felt on the neighbouring island of Bali as well. Thousands of buildings have been damaged and at least 130 aftershocks have been recorded. A tsunami warning was issued after the earthquake, and then lifted a few hours later. The death toll is expected to rise.

Around a thousand foreign tourists are being evacuated from the Gili Islands, which sit between Bali and Lombok. There are reports that the Gili Islands have been badly damaged, with no water or power.

Northern Lombok was hit by an earthquake the week before, in which 16 people were killed and 335 injured. Around 700 hikers were stranded overnight on Mount Rinjani.

Airports ‘working normally’

The Straits Times reports that the ‘airports on Bali and Lombok islands are operating normally after the quake, despite minor damage.‘ The article states that the Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights to Bali and Lombok are still operating to schedule.

AFP reports that the national flag carrier Garuda will ‘put on extra flights from Lombok to Jakarta to help tourists who wanted to leave.


For those in the region already:

  • If you are on the affected islands, monitor the local media and comply with instructions from the authorities. 
  • Check in with your family and friends, and the consular services, as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Avoid damaged buildings.
  • Be aware that aftershocks are likely to continue.

There is more advice from various embassies below.

For those heading to the region soon:

  • If you are heading to Bali, Lombok or the Gili Islands in the coming days and weeks, contact your travel agent to find out more information. They may be swamped by calls at this time, so be prepared to be patient. 
  • It sounds like there may be extensive damage on the Gili Islands and in parts of Lombok, so you may have to find alternative accommodation or reschedule your holiday.
  • Talk to your travel insurance to see what is covered for your trip. 
  • If you are set to fly in the next 48 hours, contact your airline for more information. 

Official travel advice

Consular representatives are on the ground to assist you.



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