The US Consulate General Ciudad Juarez has extended travel restrictions that were issued last month. US personnel are required to avoid downtown areas, and to only use certain routes when crossing the border or travelling around the city, due to high crime rates.

If you are travelling through or around Ciudad Juarez, you should factor this advice in to your travel plans.

From the US Consulate General Ciudad Juarez

Event:  U.S. Consulate General Ciudad Juarez has reviewed its July 13 personnel restriction to the downtown area of Ciudad Juarez.  Because the higher rates of homicides during daylight hours that prompted that determination have not decreased, the restriction will continue until further notice.  Any travel by U.S. government personnel to the downtown area must be approved in advance by the Consulate General’s leadership.  The restriction covers both official and personal travel and includes the area south of Calle Malecon, west of Calle 5 de Mayo, north of Calle 18 de Marzo, and east of Avenida Francisco Villa.

This does not preclude travel to and from the United States using Ports-of-Entry directly accessible from the approved area.  However, travel to the Paso del Norte Bridge (also known as the Santa Fe Street Bridge), the Bridge of the Americas (also known as BOTA, the Cordova Bridge, and the Free Bridge), and the Stanton Street Bridge must be via the border highways, to include Boulevard Cuatro Siglos, Boulevard Juan Pablo II, Avenida Rafael Perez Serna, Avenida Heroico Colegio Militar, Calle Ingeniero David Herrera Jordan Hidalgo, Calle Malecon, and Calle Gardenias.

In addition, U.S. personnel are required to take the most direct route north of Boulevard Zaragoza to access the Ciudad Juarez Airport on Highway 45.

Actions to Take:

  • U.S. citizens should take this restriction into account when planning travel to Ciudad Juarez.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and monitor local media reports.
  • Contact the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy if you need assistance.

Please click through here for further advice and contact information.

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