The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned of an increase in crime, including violent robbery, around Lubumbashi in the DRC. Law and order in the country remains strained in places, and all travellers should remain aware of personal security at all times.

If you are in or planning travel to the DRC, make sure you have factored potential terror attacks into your travel risk management plan. If you are being sent to the DRC for work, your company should have provided you with up to date security briefings and adequate training. If you do not feel prepared for your trip, talk to your boss as soon as possible.

From the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Be alert to the risk of street crime and armed robbery at all times. Foreigners are at particular risk of street robbery in Kinshasa, especially near hotels and supermarkets in the centre of town. Robberies by gangs of street children are increasingly common and can be aggressive. Recent months have seen an increase in such criminal activity in and around the city of Lubumbashi including violent robbery.

Robberies by people posing as taxi drivers or taxi customers are increasingly common in Kinshasa, and are often accompanied by a threat of violence. You should avoid using any taxis in DRC. If you must take a taxi, use a privately booked one. Don’t hail taxis on the street.

Car jackings are rare but not unheard of. There have been reports of an increase in criminal activity in North and South Kivu specifically targeting the international community. There have been many reports of robberies and banditry in Goma after dark.

Don’t walk in the streets alone at any time, especially at night. Avoid displaying valuables and cash. Use a hotel safe if possible and keep copies of documents, including your passport separately.

Some gangs use girls to lure people into traps; others promise cut-price gold and diamonds, or pose as police or security forces. There is a risk of arbitrary arrests of foreigners by security authorities who demand payment for release.

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