On Monday evening, two Canadian women aged 19 and 20 were abducted as they arrived at the Kumasi Royal Golf Club in Kumasi. The BBC reports that they were arriving home at their apartment in the Ahodwo district.

Some news coverage suggests the two women were forced into an Uber were they arrived at their destination. The AFP reports that they were travelling with a third Canadian, and ‘when they reached their destination, the pair got out of the taxi first and were taken, he said. The third woman then went to alert the police with the Uber driver.’

Police have said the women ‘are volunteers with the group Youth Challenge International, a Canadian international development organisation with its headquarters in Toronto.’ It has been reported elsewhere that they were taking part in a university exchange programme.

No statement has been made yet on whether a ransom has been demanded. An Uber driver has been arrested in connection with the abduction.

Other abductions and security incidents

In April, an Indian businessman was kidnapped for ransom in Kumasi. He was rescued by police. Also in April, an Estonian diplomat was abducted in Accra, the nation’s capital.

In December, three school girls were abducted form Takoradi, in the west of Ghana. They remain missing and authorities have come under pressure for their failure to solve the case.

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